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locally range.... quality goat kid meat

from Melton Mowbray - food capital of the East Midlands


Goat and Kid recipes

Goat meat is a versatile and tasty meat, which is used in many cuisines around the world.


We've pulled together a variety of recipes to illustrate the range of dishes and cooking styles that can be used to get great results with goat meat.


We can supply all the cuts mentioned in these recipes as well as whole goats if you are thinking of butchering your own carcass or doing something a little more adveturous like slow roasting a whole goat.


Jamaican Curried Goat


Italian Roast Kid  - - Capretto o Agnello al Forno


Italian Stewed Goat With Tomatoes Vutana Style - Capra a Ra Vutana


Braised Goat  With A Parmesan Crust


Roast Leg Of Goat - Greek Style


Kenyan Roast Leg of Goat (or Lamb)

Portuguese Goat Stew (Chanfana)


Sweet and Sour Goat Meat Casserole Recipe from Zanzibar

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